Global Wave Parks is a developer and operator of Wave Parks. In this new emerging market, we bring deep experience in the planning, design and operation of sports and entertainment venues.


    Our team has decades of experience developing and operating some of the global references in sports and entertainment. As lifelong surfers, we now bring that experience to Wave Parks to create incredible experiences for all the family, maximising footfall, exposure, benefit to the community, and return to investors.


    Our vision and mission is to promote healthy, happy and sustainable living through the expansion of great sports, leisure and entertainment experiences to populations around the world. With surfing and skateboarding as our core (but not only) sports, we want to get people active, and develop a new breed of ground-breaking world-class athletes. We want people to eat healthily and sustainably. We want people to enjoy incredible experiences in venues that become a part of the fabric of their daily lives. We want people to see incredible global events and culture in a beautiful setting. And we want them to be able to do all of this in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. We want to create venues that become the central hub of their communities, and serve as an incentivising example to the rest of the world for sustainable and responsible development. Most of all, we want to put smiles on peoples faces.



    We aim to deliver THE best wave park complexes in the world.

    [~Overall Project Planning]

    A sports infrastructure investment of this size is expected to be in place for a minimum of 20-30 years. In order to achieve full potential and the best possible Sports Park for investors and the local community, planning is essential. A failure to plan effectively may mean spending limited capital resources on unnecessary elements that provide no use or return, or it may mean missing a fantastic opportunity to deliver a product and service to a market with demand. By ensuring comprehensive planning across the following elements, it is possible to avoid mediocre returns (or complete failure) and guarantee fantastic returns and a facility that becomes an integral and fundamental part of the local community.


    [Targeted primary market research]
    Primary research is perhaps the most important element of a rigorous and reliable business plan. A project not aligned and tailored to the local market is a project doomed for mediocrity or failure. A project which is based on the local market, and designed to deliver what that market demands, is a project that will provide stellar returns, and become an integral part of that local community.


    Primary research is also very hard to get right. Too many research projects from big reputable companies are ill-concieved, do not test the right elements, do not reach a representative market sample, and do not treat and analyse the numbers properly.


    Each of our research projects is custom designed to the local market and the needs of our stakeholders. Where necessary, we hand-select the best local partners to help us in execution. Once we have all the necessary data in hand, we work with the world´s best analysts using an extremely rigorous proporietary methodology to ensure the most accurate and relevant results.


    This allows us to inform our design process and capex investments, as well as setting us up to maximize the results from the day-to-day operation.


    [Design Process]

    We work with the worlds best sports and entertainment architects. However, the design process is not one-way. We create the design briefs and define the essential elements and requirements of every project. Our architects then build the parks around this set of core variables. This process avoids the common problems caused by an unguided overall design followed by a ‘retrofitting’ of some necessary elements, which can result in operational inefficiencies, and Frankenstein features.


    Our architects bring individuality to each project, and build for the local market. Each project is designed with a ´live´ culture in mind, building in pre-determined flexibilities for the changes and innovation that will be spurred by the local creative community.


    We manage the design process from start to finish, from initial concept design to detailed construction documents, ensuring optimized capex, maximum returns, ´live´ local integration, and the most beautiful parks in the world.


    [Full Business Planning]

    Our business plans are based on thoroughly researched revenues streams for all revenue areas, and full operational cost modeling. They are localized to ensure they represent local idiosyncracies, salaries, costs, as well as local laws, regulations and taxes. They are built with maximum flexibility in mind, allowing changes to be evaluated in real time – we know from experience that business plans are constantly changing as the planning process evolves and interacts with the other elements (research, planning, investment). Our business plans are widely regarded as being the most comprehensive, robust and conservative in sports infrastructure investments and are fully due diligence ready.


    [Structured Finance, Financial Evaluations and Fundraising]

    Together with the business plans, we simulate structured finance options to identify the most efficient and effective way to complete financing for the projects. Financing for long term sports infrastructure projects can make or break the investment. Through our experience in structuring over US$1bn of deals, we are able to identify the most appropriate structures, prepare all financial evaluations and drive fundraising for the project. On a needs basis, we also have an extensive network of the world´s best financial advisers and banks to support these processes where necessary.


    [~Contract negotiation - EPC, Service Providers, Long Term Partners, Investors]

    The completion of planning process in order to launch construction is marred by numerous contracts which will define the investment, the construction costs (and potential changes or not), the incentives and rewards of the key service providers and partners. Poorly structured and designed contracts, which do not contemplate all the eventualities or incentivize the right actions and processes can cost significantly in the future, compromising service to clients, reputation of the park and investor return. Through our team´s experience and through our extended network of partners, we are able to structure and optimize contracts for construction (EPC), investors (including shareholders agreements), service providers (operators, sales and marketing agents, long term partners in different sectors such as catering, hotels, shops, content providers etc), amongst many others, to ensure incentives are aligned and results are optimized.



    During construction, we work with trusted Construction Management firms’ from within our network of partners and service providers. These firms oversee the contractors work from Pre-Construction to Owner Occupancy. They ensure that:


    1. The project is delivered on time


    2. The project is delivered on budget


    3. The project is delivered to specification


    The responsible firm would be independent from the contractor, have solid experience in this sector and be approved in advance by investors and lenders (all financing parties).



    Without comprehensive and expertly executed planning and contractual structure set-up, no amount of execution will save a project. However, with these previous phases well executed, it is the execution which will finally release the full potential, and deliver returns above those expected by investors, and experiences that go beyond anything our customers have ever dreamed of. Experience and capability in sales, marketing, operations and leadership are the building blocks of excellence in execution.


    [Sales & Marketing]

    With deep experience in leading record-breaking sales & marketing teams, we design, structure, train and manage sales teams in the execution phase to ensure we exceed targets set out in the business plan and investment packages, thereby generating higher returns for investors and park owners. Our marketing focuses on brand positioning through effective and ROI positive channels to communicate with the existing and potential leisure market.



    Global Wave Parks has the capability to develop complete operational models. By intricately linking this through to design and to revenues, this enables maximum efficiency and maximum effectiveness. Our focus is on training our staff to deliver the best possible experience to our clients, who in turn will look after the financial health of the Park. Through investment in training, comprehensive KPI´s and strong leaders who understand the business through and through, we ensure the smooth and reliable operation that each park needs to allow it to reach its full potential.


    [Overall Project Management]

    Global Wave Parks are uniquely placed in having market leading expertise across almost the entire value chain of planning to execution, and where this expertise is lacking, Global Wave Parks has the best partners in the industry to fill the gaps. This enables Global Wave Parks to provide a one-stop shop to ensure THE very best sports and entertainment parks, from start to finish. This translates into maximum returns for our investors and incredible experiences for our guests and clients.


    Different projects for different footprints and investments

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    Shopping Center Surf Parks

    • Perfect leisure and entertainment anchors for shopping centres, or stand alone units.
    • 3,000-5,000m2
    • Modules: sheet waves; bar/restaurant; shop; stage with back of house infrastructure to double as late night music venue; private VIP event space
    • As shopping centers slowly transition to incorporate leisure/ entertainment to increase market and dwell time, these are ideal anchors to put a shopping center front-of-mind and cement leadership in the local markets.
    • Investment: US$4-10m


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    Residential Leisure Anchors/ Members Clubs

    • Ultimate large-scale artificial wave technology
    • 300-500m long pools
    • Crystal clear lake and beach environment
    • Less space, water and maintenance than a golf course, yet completely unique and much more appealing to a wider audience
    • Residential actor: exclusive use of home owners; increases market catchment area; increases property revenue and sales rate
    • Private members clubs: members fees fund construction costs and annual maintenance
    • Investment: US$20m+



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    Large-Scale Commercial Surf Parks

    • Multi-use sports, leisure and entertainment venues
    • Large-scale surf pool as anchor, with crystal clear water and world-class waves
    • Additional modules: beach, skate park, mountain biking, BMX, rock climbing, diving tanks, beach sports, other sports, bars and restaurants, shops, outdoor amphitheater, hotel, spa, gym, athlete training facilities, world-class surf and skate championships, private event space.
    • Benefits: national/international tourist attraction; boost surrounding real estate values; boost level of national sports (surf and skate); boost local economy (jobs and tax revenues)
    • Investment: US$60m+

    We bring together world-class partners in every area of expertise. Meet some of them here:

    Instant Sport SL is the company behind the world-reknowned Wave Garden technology. After 10 years of research and development, the Basque Country based firm of engineers has developed the world's best artificial surfing wave, within the financial boundaries required to make for a sustainable long term development.
    California Ramp Works is a leading action sports development company providing design and build services of skate ramps for large-scale events and custom ramps and equipment. The fabrication facility, located in Upland, California, is responsible for producing some of the world’s most prestigious events, including: the MegaRamp, X Games, Maloof Money Cup, ASA Triples, and Rob Dyrdek’s Street League. They specialize in leading technologies, such as, hybrid-skate park design and construction.
    Sagacity is a management consultancy providing experientially-based, capability building advice to clients, allowing them to better perform the vital leadership role. It is focussed on complex programmes and projects, exemplified by major sports events, and draws on more than 30 years of experience in managing and delivering the most complex of global sporting events at the highest level.
    Squint/Opera creates compelling branded content - from films and images to words and stories that can be shared across all channels. With clients ranging from global contractors to architects, developers and government agencies, they study clients’ business and industry trends and wrap this with an understanding of consumer behaviours and a knowledge of how and where communities congregate online. They are renowned for their ability to communicate captivating narratives and construct believable spaces with a strong sense of atmosphere and occasion.   Squint/Opera has a diverse portfolio of projects around the world, from Ground Zero in New York to the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics, and exciting real estate developments across four continents. They are headquarted in London with offices in São Paulo, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne.
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