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New York Times Previews First Waves at NLand in Austin

New York Times publishes the first video of waves being surfed in Austins' NLand Surf Park ahead of opening 

The surfing world has been waiting a long time to see what the next instalment of Wave Gardens’ technology would look like. After Surf Snowdonia falling a little short of expectations, and with a NLand being both longer and wider, the industry has been some anxiousness to see how the new wave would perform. In a few short clips, the New York Times, along with an interesting article on Surf Parks, shows us some beautiful waves, reminiscent of a fun head-high Trestles, and being surfed by Nathaniel Curren. Being able to get 10-12 of these per hour on any day of the week, day or night, would be revolutionary for surfers anywhere in the world. We can’t wait to surf it and hope NLand can open to the public soon!