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Wave Pools Will Shift The Level Of Surfing

Surf Snowdonia shows off the potential of wave pools for athlete training and development

One of the benefits of Wave Pools is their ability to completely revolutionise surf training. Long, and predictable and repetitive waves mean surfers can train far more (in time spent on the wave) and far more specifically (by targeting specific manoeuvres on the same wave section). Amount of time surfing and ability to repeat manoeuvres in identical conditions radically reduces the time taken to master new manoeuvres. As such, when combined with a structured training regime, including precise monitoring, tailored physical training, nutritional guidance and psychological support, all using the most up to date technologies and science, and when crossing with similar facilities and regimens for other sports, this will lead to a level shift in the standard of surfing globally, undoubtedly playing a large part in the creation of future world champions. Our partners at California Ramp Works have made some big strides in this sense, with their involvement in Camp Woodward, Kids That Rip in Mesa, Arizona, and having bought pre-teens into the X Games setting new records for athletic performance in skateboarding, including the achievement of then 12 year old Tom Schaar completing the first 1080 in competition at the 2012 X Games, completing a feat which had eluded skaters such as legend Shaun White despite tens of attempts across numerous years. Bringing this experience to our parks and building on it for surfing will be key to building a long term legacy for all of our parks and the sport as a whole.